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We produce:

·        Enclosure of balconies and loggias

·        Window and door blocks of all constructs

·        Walls, stained glass windows, greenhouses, conservations, etc.

Modern construction technology would be unthinkable without the use of aluminum. Windows, doors, loggias, balconies, stained glasses made of aluminum structures are unpretentious in operation and durable. There is a real “aluminum boom” in Western Europe. Traditional wooden structures are giving way to aluminum. And it is not surprising. Aluminum is an ideal material for construction and reconstruction.  Light and limpid, but always strong. Durability and  reliability  are  ideally combined In aluminum constructions.

We are also ready to perform works of any kind of profile.

The price is subject to negotiation.




Phone: +(37410) 54 86 01
Fax: +(37410) 54 83 14