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Restores energy

Important political and economic orientations are rapidly evolving in the world: the protection of the Earth’s climate from warming and transition to using, renewable, alternative and environmentally safe sources of energy. The emissions of carbonic gases are reducing which causes the greenhouse effect and leads to an increase of the Earth’s atmosphere temperature. But the global demands of energy is enormous and continues to steadily increase as the consumption of the fuel and energy in developed countries and as the growth of economic and the population of the growing countries.  In today’s world, availability and accessibility of the fuel and energy balance resources, ensuring their uninterrupted supply to customers and efficient use of consumers are the main factors of the world progress. At the same time, the current status and established tendencies  in recent years, in  the global energy industry based on production, transportation and burning of the fossil hydrocarbon fuels-oil and gas does not quite up to date and the challenge to humankind, and therefore they can’t cause justifiable concern for the fate of the living and future generations.  As is generally known, the electrical energy produced by wind or water has much lower cost compared with other methods. Using the natural conditions for production of electricity without significant impact on the environment would improve the situation in the power system and reduce costs, since it is based on local energy sources and does not depend on external factors.