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“Griar builder” was formed in 2003 as a brunch of the “Griar”. “Griar builder” does construction and installation works, implements capital construction. It carries out basic types of construction and installation work: construction site preparation, earthworks and stone works, the device and installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, construction of bearing and enclosing, roofing and finishing works, the device and installation of internal and external engineering systems and equipment, work’s quality control. Performs finishing the interior and etc. 

Multi-functional public and residential complex

CJSC “Griar” carries out an investment program of the housing complex in the streets Amiryan-Teryan-Zakyan-Pavstos Buzand on the main avenue of the Yerevan.

Architect- Narek Sargsyan.

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Construction of the business center

“Griar” CJSC produces the construction of a business complex. Five floor complex was designed by a subsidiary of the “Griar”-“Griar porject”.   The complex will be completed and handed over with the key to the client on march 2006.

Architect- Mikael Hasratyan

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