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Multi-functional public and residential complex

“Griar” carries out an investment program of the housing complex in the streets Amiryan-Teryan-Zakyan-Pavstos Buzand on the main avenue of the Yerevan.
Architect- Narek Sargsyan.

Apartments have a beautiful view of the Ararat mountain. Comfort of the apartment complex will give a special appeal to the originality of  Yerevan. Original and well-planned courtyard with its part of the facade has a south-eastern orientation opens in a new street. This yard will be located on the roof of the first floor, where you can walk up with a car and on foot, and will be a place to rest for residents.

The residential complex has a modern reliable network of  engineering services and is equipped with super modern engineering –technical equipment. The new facility is planned to be in the area of the small center at the main avenue, at a distance of 170m from the square of the republic, 200m from  Mashtots Avenue and 260 from the Northern avenue.  
 With the area of 3600 sq.m it  has convenient connection  with the streets Amiryan, Pavstos Buzand, Mashtots, Teryan, Zakyan and Abovyan and guarantees connection with Teryan and Zakyan streets. The façade of the complex under the construction opens to a wide green park and the small center of  Yerevan.

Construction is carried out by massive reinforced concrete, which guarantees necessary seismic stability, as well as the lining material is used from tuff and basalt quarries.  The structure is in the angular sector of the Teryan and Pavstos Buzand streets, number of storeys which is designed for 14 floors to its volume will serve as a landmark opening in the street.
Area of the first and second floors are planned to be for public services and offices and the third and higher floors are designed as a residential apartments with a total area of 73 to 218 sq.m (according to the customer, we can combine several apartments and execute any layout: duplexes, apartments on the entire floor, etc.).

Features of our buildings:

• Beautiful architecture, increased seismic stability, quality assurance
• The building has a modern reliable network engineering substructures and equipped with super modern engineering-technical devices- devices of telecommunications, own boiler,  noiseless and high-speed elevators (OTIS), hot and cold water twenty-four-hour, central system for fresh air, an integrated system of fire alarm, security system-access control and video surveillance of buildings, high speed internet access, a central antenna, which provides high-quality display of meter and decimeter TV channel. 
• Buildings have a multifaceted services- the exploitation service for building, security services, household services- laundry, dry-cleaning, car-washing, and also fitness club, sauna, swimming pool: grocery stores, boutiques, restaurants and much more.